About us

Since its conception in 2004, HAUTLENCE has always been one to question the norms and to push the boundaries of watchmaking as we know it. From the original HL to the wildly complex HL2 and the captivating HL Sphere, the handmade timepieces capture our imagination and give us a chance to wear something usually reserved for our dreams.

HAUTLENCE – whose name itself is an anagram of Neuchâtel – pays tribute to the birthplace of the watchmaking art and is one of the original independents as we know them today. Currently located in the canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, HAUTLENCE has become recognized for its iconic TV shaped case and its original concepts in movement and time. It adopts a think tank approach and brings a new vision to the art of watchmaking, while respecting its roots. From hours on chains and spheres to minutes on rotating sapphire discs, HAUTLENCE pushes the boundaries of traditional watchmaking codes while uniting them with mechanical solutions.

2022 marks a new chapter in our history. While continuing to refine and develop the brand’s signature codes, HAUTLENCE adopted a brand new, more contemporary and sporty approach. The first model showcasing this new chapter is the Linear Series 1. A completely new watch includes a different approach to telling time, the brand’s ninth in-house calibre, and a new case with an integrated rubber strap boasting a water resistance of 10 atm. A foretaste of things to come…