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Launch of Avant-garde line

Launch of Avant-garde line
January 2013


Following the launch of the HLQ line in 2009 and the HLQ Classic line in 2011, Neuchâtel watchmaker HAUTLENCE will use the GTE (Geneva Time Exhibition, 20-24 January) to unveil a brand new reinterpretation: The HLRQ. A more robust, athletic model, the HLRQ combines some of its predecessors' classic character with the bolder, more modern style of the AVANT-GARDE family which it joins as the latest addition.

Launched in 2012, the AVANT-GARDE line is HAUTLENCE's ready-to-wear collection designed to secure its future and expand its creative offering. The brand has created a stylish, powerful line from an alchemy of contemporary worlds, taking inspiration primarily from the curves and aesthetic codes of avant-garde design. The first HLRS models, which were unveiled in October 2012, were an immediate commercial success.